(5000' Meadow Lakes Mountian Communcations Site)

443.600 +5Mhz       PL 114.8         NAC 29B 

NOTICE ! SWAP/CHANGED ! 9-15-20:   443.600 +5MHZ input PL 114.8 NAC 29B is now "FRESNO LINKED" Analog and P25 Repeater.

COVERAGEmeadow lake

              FRESNO (at Meadow Lakes)     Linked Site,   It's concidered site #1.

NEWS 7-2022:

Extended wildland fire fuel reduction of flammable vegitation perimeter that benifits all radio systems at this building.

Sierra National Forest CREEK FIRE STARTED 9-7-2020:

400,000 acre Creek Fire started and burned up to radio site but did not burn building. Fire was fully contained in December of 2020. The fire burned for 3 months.

AC power was off for 9 days during Creek Fire. Battery lasted 6 days. So, was off air for 3 days during this fire incident.

Power was restored and site was back on the air 9-14-2020.

AC power failures Winter 23/24 are lasting days. Battery backup is keeping Linked systems on the air for now. So,this may go on many times due to temporarily inaccesable road issues. (Jan-Feb-March 2024)

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