N6LYE 147.315 +600khz PL 141.3 NAC29A

Both repeaters are standalone and not linked. With the silent key passing of N6VQL, I have aquired his VHF Quantar hardware. Only changed to my call sign, no technical changes.

              MEADOW LAKES UHF               441.800 +5Mhz          PL 141.3           NAC 29B

          MEADOW LAKES VHF             147.315 + 600Khz          PL 141.3      NAC 29A

These are the UHF and VHF standalone repeaters meant to allow communications during busy times on the Linked repeaters. They have the same coverage pattern. Just no links.


September 2020 UPDATE TO The 441.800 +5MHZ PAIR:   PL 141.3 NAC 29A or 29B is now a STANDALONE Analog and P25 Repeater

This is now a "bypass/ local use" when Linked system is busy. Exploring interferance issues begining in 2020 from the N6LXX system in Los Angeles which operates Low In RX and High Out TX and has been a consistant -100dbm on my input (446.800Mhz) for 3 years running. Efforts to discuss this issue with coordination groups and the Manager of The Los Anageles Group have been a non-responsive deadend as of february 2021. Updated 2023: I received reports from users of LXX that changes seemed to occur to the RF system may have been impletmented. I will test this possible resolution through out the year. If so, my thanks go out to the technical staff.

COVERAGEmeadow lake

              Named "Meadow UHF or VHF Standalone Repeater" (at Meadow Lakes)

            Provide a secondary fallback channel if the linked system is busy.



Continued fire fuel reduction at this high fuels hazard site all year long. This benefits fire crews to hold this control road as a fuel break and all radio systems at and above this building.    


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