MT OSO          440.800 +      PL 107.2      NAC 29B

COVERAGEmt oso22

  Also called Modesto/Stockton (at Mt.Oso)     Linked Site,       ID'ed as site #2.


Since 2020 and through 2022, I Extended wildland fire fuels reduction perimeter that benifits all radio systems at this location.

Just in time for the 340,000 acre Canyon Fire Complex that came within a mile of the site.

Fall 2018:

Replaced link heliax after a sweep by my Bird site analyzer showed high VSWR.

UPDATE April 2023: Replaced SCM Card (station control module). Firmware was corrupted by hundreds of power fails over the march 2023 storms. Complete realignment completed. Some audio paths still are not optimized yet. Added an large Samlex 24v UPS system to smooth out such fluctuations.

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